About Pixel Motion Films

        Pixel Motion Films is a young and innovative approach to modern day story telling through digital media. We are a tight knit collective featuring cinematographers, photographers and interactive developers that all contribute their own uniqueness and individual expertise to the brand. Our passion for visual storytelling and film production drives us in creating compelling messages that speak and appeal to global audiences and markets.

        We believe that every product, every location and every brand has a culture behind it. It’s found in the way people act, communicate, feel, and relate. Helping businesses and organizations visually identify with their culture and community has been our passion from the beginning. We love to use film making as a medium of expression and a communication tool that organically connects people together.

        Peter Aziz

        Interactive Developer/Co-founder

        Peter is an interactive developer and co-founder of Pixel Motion Films residing and practicing in Vancouver, BC. He is a multi-talented professional with interactive media skills ranging from web design and advance HTML coding to cinematography and motion graphics. His ability to leverage technical skill and creativity together has given him an added insight and advantage over all areas of production.

        Peter has worked for numerous acclaimed corporations in creating high quality video and flash content along with web integration and design. Peter’s passion for creating inspiring content has lead him on a journey in search of real stories and cultures on a global scale.

        Mike Bradley


        Mike Bradley is a Vancouver based cinematographer and photographer with an immense passion for traveling and storytelling. His role at Pixel Motion has allowed him to pursue his ongoing visual exploration into the deep-rooted community driven cultures that fuel society. While having several titles to his name, he chooses to continuously perfect his craft behind the lens in all aspects of his work.

        Mike’s work has been seen online by millions of people worldwide and his photography has appeared internationally in several print and online publications. His devotion and expertise for beautiful lighting and camera knowledge has pushed him into becoming internationally known for his work.


        Our abilities in filmmaking and storytelling drive us to create authentic content in its truest form by capturing key messages and visually bringing out the core values behind the subject.

        We provide services to agencies, facilitators and established companies who hope to create visual content that speaks and engages with their target audience. We specialize in creating content for community engagement events, place branding and social awareness.

        Community Engagement

        We visually bring your event to life by engaging your audience globally. The work we do captures seminars, workshops and conferences in an interactive way to help jumpstart a dialog in and around your community. This is a perfect fit for any organization who is looking to promote corporate culture change, build teams and develop strategies amongst it's participants.

        Our expertise encompasses the planning and logistics of production along with the filming and editing of the end product. Our films raise awareness, achieve social feedback and create relationships that are crucial to the strategic planning of any organization.

        Examples of Community Engagement

        Place Branding

        Simply put, we help connect people to places through visual language. We focus on the key elements of a place by capturing the lifestyle, landscape and small details of the surrounding experiences.

        All of these qualities are important to us when creating a cinematic product that compels visual language and branding of place. The end results portray the true culture and essence behind any location, destination, and most importantly, the place itself.

        Examples of Place Branding

        Social Awareness

        We bridge the gap between you and your viewers. By understanding and working alongside your brand’s story and vision, we create content that speaks and engages with your target market and demographic through cinematic visuals and creative storytelling.

        Our work is often used to help promote products and campaigns, create social interaction and expand online presence to extend your market reach.

        Examples of Social Awareness

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        We are always looking to connect and engage in new projects all around the world, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.



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