About Pixel Motion Films

    Pixel Motion Films offers a young and innovative approach to modern-day storytelling through digital media. We are a tight-knit collective of cinematographers, photographers and interactive developers who all contribute unique perspective and individual expertise to our brand.

    We believe that every product, every location and every brand has a culture behind it that can be found in the way people act, communicate, feel, and relate. Filmmaking is a medium of expression and a communication tool that brings people closer. Helping businesses and organizations visually connect with their culture and community has been our passion from the beginning.

    That passion for visual storytelling and film production drives us to create compelling narratives that speak and appeal to a wide range of audiences, demographics and destinations around the world.

    Peter Aziz

    Interactive Developer & Film Producer/Co-founder

    Wielding the naturally creative ability to turn any vision into reality, Peter understands the core principles of visionary cinematography. Where he finds himself limited by the natural images of the world, his experience with advanced motion graphics can bring limitless creative control to any project. More than five million people have viewed Peter's work online, establishing him as a premier content producer.

    Creating high quality films allows him to continue to explore new and exciting ways to push the visual envelope. Working with numerous corporations and established businesses, Peter possesses the dedication required to bring any client's proposals to life. He has worked for both creative and technical organizations, creating promotional material in both video and interactive online media. Building upon his internet experience, Peter is also well versed in web development and coding. His ability to leverage technical skill and creativity with film and online content gives him ultimate control over all areas of production.

    Mike Bradley


    For over ten years, Mike's innovative approach to filmmaking has taken him around the world to destinations remote and inspiring. His love of exploration, both by foot and through the lens, has crafted an ability to look beyond the camera and discover the true stories behind every project. In addition, Mike is one of the pioneers of the automotive driven production company, SpeedlineFilmWerks. It was here that he developed his love for entrepreneurship. This segment of his film career has taken him all across the United States, producing videos for millions of viewers who have grown to appreciate Mike's attention to detail and original storytelling narratives.

    Mike's career path has aligned him with several large national brands and organizations including Samsung, Ferrero, CPA-BC, Coast Capital Savings and BFL Canada. His commitment to brand alignment is a major factor in Mike's long standing relationship and reputation as a respected filmmaker and cinematographer. While having several industry related titles to his name, such as photographer, video editor, director and producer, Mike strives to continuously perfect his craft in all areas of visual media.

    Services Overview

    Our expertise in filmmaking and storytelling has resulted in authentic content that captures key messages and visuals that bring out the core values behind a subject.

    We provide services to agencies, facilitators and established companies that wish to create visual content that engages their target audiences. We specialize in creating content for community engagement events, raising social awareness and building place brands.

    Community Engagement

    We visually bring your event to life by engaging your audience – within the confines of a meeting room or around the world. The work we do captures seminars, workshops and conferences in an interactive way that jump-starts dialogs in and around your community. We’ve helped organizations communicate culture change, build teams and develop strategies. Our films raise awareness, generate social feedback and create relationships that are crucial to the strategic planning of any organization.

    Our expertise includes the planning and logistics of production along with the filming and editing of the end product.

    Examples of Community Engagement

    Place Branding

    Simply put, we connect people to places through visual language. We focus on the key elements of a place by capturing the lifestyle, landscape and smallest details of the surrounding experiences that truly differentiate a place.

    Compelling visual language and sense of place results in a powerful place brand., one that portrays the true culture and essence of a location or destination. Through cinematic storytelling, our work captures the culture and essence behind any location, destination, and most importantly, the place itself.

    Examples of Place Branding

    Social Awareness

    We bridge the gap between you and your viewers. By understanding and working with your brand story and vision, our cinematic visuals and creative storytelling can create content that speaks to your target market.

    Our work is often used to help promote products and campaigns both within companies and for audiences of consumers, to create social interaction and expand online presence to extend your market reach.

    Examples of Social Awareness


    We are always looking to connect and engage in new projects all around the world, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.


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